LGBT people and public services

A good practice guide from Stonewall Scotland

Case study six — Becky's story

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In the box below you can record your reflections on the issues arising from this scenario. What would you do if faced with this situation in your job, or how might you advise someone you manage? After submitting your reflections, you will be able to print them out for future reference and read Stonewall’s advice and guidance on this topic.

Learning Points

A final checklist to ensure trans people’s experience of your organisation is a positive one:

More Information

“Trans” or “transgender” are used as umbrella terms to describe a wide range of people whose experience of their gender differs in some way from the expectations and assumptions that society makes based on their sex at birth. This includes:

This is a vast simplification and there are many trans people who wouldn’t feel that their identity fits within these descriptions. For more information about trans identities and how you can support trans staff and services users, please see our help and advice pages. You can also contact the Scottish Transgender Alliance for more help and support, or see their “Into to Trans Terms” for more information about different trans identities.

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