LGBT people and public services

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About this resource

1. What is the Online Learning Resource?
Stonewall Scotland’s Online Learning Resource is an eLearning package, which gives an introduction to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality issues. It is aimed at frontline staff to help them understand the barriers and specific concerns which may be experienced by their LGBT customers or service users. It includes introductory training on issues such as the problem with making assumptions, the importance of clear policies which are well publicised, the barriers associated with “coming out” to staff, and the specific issues which many trans service users experience.
2. How much does it cost to use it?
Stonewall Scotland’s Online Learning Resource has been funded by the Scottish Government to help improve the services offered to LGBT people in Scotland. The resource is therefore free to use, although if you wish to have individual files converted for use within existing packages we may in some circumstances charge a minimal fee to cover the cost of this process.
3. Who is it for?
The Online Learning Resource is primarily aimed at frontline staff with little or no previous training in LGBT equality and diversity issues. It may also be valuable for backroom staff in particular managers and HR professionals.
4. How do I use it in my organisation?
The Online Learning Resource can be accessed at

Individual files can also be made available on request if you would like to embed the resource in existing eLearning packages.

We would recommend that this training is rolled out to all frontline staff as part of on-going equality and diversity training.
5. Can we embed it in our existing eLearning package?
Yes. Individual files can be made available on request to be embedded into existing eLearning packages. We may have to charge a minimal fee for converting files into the required format, depending on the format required.
6. Some of the clips don’t seem that relevant to my organisation – do we need to use them all?
As a rule no, you can choose the clips that seem most relevant to the specific challenges of your organisation. You should remember, however, that the clips are designed to be relatively transferable to different organisations and the points raised in each scenario are reflective of LGBT people’s experiences much more broadly – not just the specific context of that clip. The learning outcomes attached to each clip reflect this broader relevance.

If some of the information covered in the clips seems very basic, it is also worth remembering that different staff members will be coming to this training with different levels of understanding. This is designed as a basic introduction and Stonewall Scotland can deliver more in depth training subject to discussion.
7. The learning outcomes are quite general – how do I make these more relevant to my staff?
If you are embedding this training resource within your own eLearning packages you could consider adapting the learning outcomes to be more specific to your own organisation’s environment or context by including your own relevant examples, or changing some of language to reflect your organisation’s preferred style. We would recommend, however, that the overall topics and messages of the learning outcomes remain unchanged, and that any changes to the learning outcomes be checked by Stonewall Scotland before being published.
8. Can Stonewall Scotland deliver in-house training?
For information about additional training options please contact
9. Will any new or additional modules be made available?
The Online Learning Resource is being constantly developed and improved. If there is a specific subject area that you feel is missing or if you have any other feedback please contact and we will do our best to address your concern; however individual requests may not always be able to be met.
10. How often is the resource updated?
The Online Learning Resource is constantly under review, and is updated with new research and guides as soon as these become available. Organisations who have informed us that they are using the resource will be advised of any significant changes or additions to the existing module.

If you have any further questions or comments please contact: or call 0131 474 8019.

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