LGBT people and public services

A good practice guide from Stonewall Scotland


As you may have noticed, throughout all the case studies the issue of apprehension about 'coming out' has been highlighted. This is because the process of 'coming out' is never over for lesbian, gay, bisexual and some trans people. This is an on-going, sometimes daily issue where an individual is faced with a split second decision about whether the person they are talking to will be hostile, negative or just embarrassed.

Stonewall Scotland has produced a series of materials to help organisations send a clear message about their commitment to LGBT equality. These posters and flyers can be displayed in waiting rooms and reception areas, and can be ordered from

Stonewall Scotland has also produced guidance to help organisations meet the public sector equality duty. Sexual Orientation: The Equality Act Made Simple is a guide to help organisations understand the Equality Act and support them in setting and delivering meaningful equality outcomes for LGBT people. We have also carried out research in a range of areas to inform this process and to enable public bodies to carry out meaningful impact assessments.

For any further information please contact our policy team on 0131 474 8019.

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